Conference Topics:

The ICMFS welcomes papers all aspects of research on management and fuzzy mathematics. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to the following fields:

Novel Research in Management and its Applications

Financial Management

Risk management

Ethics management

Quality management

Marketing Management

Technology Management

Human resources management

Environmental management

Production and Operations Management

Strategic Management and Competition

Relationship Management, Economics, Finance

Fuzzy Solutions for Management

Application of fuzzy systems in management

Information Systems Management

The relationship between management and fuzzy systems

And other related topic…

Fuzzy Systems

Robotics, Control and Fuzzy System

Fuzzy Random Processes / Time Series Models

Numerical Analysis and Fuzzy Scientific Computing

Differential Equations and Fuzzy Dynamic Systems

Operational research, optimization and decision making in fuzzy and non-fuzzy environments

Statistics and fuzzy probability, Data analysis and fuzzy clustering

Software design for fuzzy systems

Fuzzy Graph

Fuzzy Topology and Geometry

And other related topic…

Special Topics:

New Research in Artificial Intelligence

Novel Technologies in Financial Mathematics

Fuzzy Applications in Management and Knowledge Science

Fuzzy Systems in Other Branches of Science

New Methods in Information Technology

Applied Economics and Fuzzy Logic

Applications of Uncertainty Theory