The 1st International Conference on Management and Fuzzy Systems (ICMFS 2017) with its main approach to new technologies by the supervision of MPRH Institute, Eyvanekey University, on Oct. 25 and 26, 2017 at the Tehran was held. There were more than 150 guests from the heads of Management, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Mathematics, Professors, Intellectuals, the specialist and the student inside and outside of the country were attending this event.  The Conference was held with the speech of the managers and specialists in this field, and also was holding two English and Farsi Panels and presenting the oral articles and video article at the first day and 2 specialized workshops in both English and Persian at the second day.

Dr. Tayebeh Hajjari (scientific chair of conference), Dr. Nima Farajian (Vice President of Research of Eyvanekey University), Dr. M. Fariborzi Araghi (IAU, Central Tehran Branch), Eng. Mehdi nowroozi (CEO of UNP) are the conference keynote speakers. Dr. S. Praveen Kumar (Director- MBA) from Bharat university of India, Dr. R. Gokulchander (Director- Placement) from Bharat university of India are the conference international partners.